Elm sculpture revealed

The elm memorial sculpture by Keith Pettit was revealed at this year's Bentley Woodfair as part of The Conservation Foundation's Ulmus Maritime project. The 8ft high sculpture has been made of planks sourced from elms in the Cuckmere Valley that have succumbed to Dutch elm disease. After its unveiling at the Woodfair, the sculpture will now be sited in Littlington village early next year.

Keith notes that "one of the properties of elm wood is it's excellent weathering properties - it results in a sculpture that changes, refreshes and, I feel will improve with age."

The sculpture will also form part of a walk in spring 2015 to see and understand more on some of the area's incredible elm trees.

Ulmus Maritime is helping to protect and raise awareness of the incredible elm tree landscape of the Sussex coast. Find out more at www.ulmusmaritime.org

Photo of Keith Pettit's elm sculpture. Photo by Jim Holden.

Photo by Jim Holden

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