Bee part of helping your church make London a greener, more bee-friendly place by working with your community to plant a pollinator tree

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St Paul's churchyard in Deptford, London. Photo Marathon

London churches can help to support bees and other wildlife to thrive in London, and green the capital, by working with their community to plant one of 660 bee friendly trees. You can plant a free tree in your churchyard or donate it to a school, community group or other faith organisation.

The free trees are available between February and June 2017 as part of The Conservation Foundation's Trees for Sacred Spaces project, supported by the Church of England and Mayor of London.

If your church is in a London borough, and in the diocese of Southwark, London, Chelmsford or Rochester, scroll down to find out how to take part.

The trees provide a range of ecosystem benefits, in particular the conservation of pollinator services. Your planting will also contribute to the Mayor's London Plan, which recognises that increasing tree cover provides much broader benefits, including improving health and well-being. If your planting will involve your school or local groups you'll also be bringing together people from across your community to focus on helping to improve the environment for all.

You'll also be demonstrating your commitment to the Fifth Mark of Mission, to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth, and can help express through your action our love for God, for our neighbours, now and in the future.

Some churches may not have church land suitable for planting a tree. If so, you can still take part in the project by donating your tree to a school, community group or park in your area. It's a great way to reach the wider community, and show how your church is aware of its environmental responsibilities and working in the neighbourhood. You could organise a planting ceremony with the community to highlight your tree donation and help people to understand what you do.
More information will be available soon on the different species of small-medium trees that provide pollen and nectar for bees. In the coming months, those registered to receive trees will be able to select the species you plant.
You can register to receive your free trees using the form below. The trees will be given away on distribution days throughout the capital in 2017. Once you've registered to receive a tree, we'll be able to let you know when you can collect yours, and which you would like to receive. There are no charges for the trees, but you will be responsible for their ongoing care.
The trees will come potted so can be kept in their containers until you are ready to plant. It is best to plant in the dormant season (November - March). In November it will be National Tree Week and Inter Faith We, and will be a good time to plant.


To take part in the project and receive up to 9 free bee-friendly trees, please complete our short registration form.

Before registering, please make sure you have an appropriate planting site. Guidance to help you find a suitable site and tips for planting your tree will be available here shortly and will be emailed to all those registered.

Please complete the short form to register your interest.

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