Our pledge to stay active and positive during the coronavirus outbreak:


Dear reader,

Unlike so many notices that you may have received recently, the Conservation Foundation would like to assure you that we are all well and keeping busy. While our main office at the Royal Geographical Society is now closed, we’re working from our homes to ensure that all our projects and ideas are kept alive and thriving. We are looking towards the future and will use this time positively so that we’re stronger than ever once the world emerges from its hibernation.

The Foundation has been caring for and spreading positive news about our world since 1982 and we won’t let a virus put a stop to our efforts.  We may, like everyone else, need to change what we do and the way we do it, but as long as we can find projects and supporters, we see no reason to stop and, indeed, every reason to continue. We are actively rethinking our projects for the current times –  until this point we’ve never had trouble getting into our partnered prisons who help recycle garden tools (through our ‘Tools Shed’ project, funded through the Big Lottery), and on a positive note this virus doesn’t seem interested in trees, so we can continue in our plans to bring back native elms to the British countryside. We’ll continue to work closely with, and support our overseas partners as well, with the expectation that when possible we’ll be able to be even more effective in our environmental conservation projects.

We, like many other small charities, are used to overcoming bumps in the road, and we will approach this new problem the same as any other – with passion, drive and a strong sense of community. The Conservation Foundation, despite only being a small charity, knows that caring for our planet and supporting those who are doing this wherever and whenever they can, is and always will be worthwhile.

We don’t have all the answers, and certainly not the means to do all we would like to, but with your help and support we will continue in our cause. We would like to encourage you to tell us about your own ideas or suggestions and to keep up with our latest news via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which we will be updating regularly. Please do stay connected – we think it will help us all to stay positive!

With all best wishes to you and yours, and as David Bellamy always liked to say – thank you for caring.


David Shreeve

Director, The Conservation Foundation