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Add an elm to the survey

Please submit as much information as possible. First, please show us where the tree is located, being as accurate as possible. To mark the location you can click the map, drag the marker on the map, add the Address, an Ordnance Survey grid reference, or decimal Latitude/longitude.

E.g. Postcode, street or park

Please tell us more about the location of the tree

Please give the site a name (e.g. name of the road)
What type of site is the tree in?
Is the tree publicly Accessible or visible?

Do you know the variety of elm? (optional)

The Forestry Commission Field recognition of British elms booklet can help to identify common UK elms.
E.g. Plot elm. You will be offered suggestions from names in the database.
E.g. Ulmus minor "Plotii". You will be offered suggestions from Species in the database.

If possible please add further details on the elm (optional)

Circumference of trunk at 1.5m/5ft above ground. Click for help
If you think you may know what has happend to the tree please tell us. You will be offered suggestions or add your own description. Extra details can be added in the notes at the bottom of the form.

Does the tree have any of these features or characteristics? (tick any that apply)

Hollowing trunk
Prominent holes
Deadwood in canopy
Deadwood on ground
Fire damage
Signs of maintenance/surgery
Veteran tree
Historical tree

Have you noticed any of these wildlife or epiphytes on or using the tree?


It is essential that you upload three photographs of the tree (form, leaves and bark). Without these we cannot verify your submission.

1st photo:
2nd photo:
3rd photo:

Please tell us any other information or notes on the tree

If you are happy for researchers to contact you for further information on the elm, please add your email address or other contact details here. Your information will not be made public and will only be shared with approved researchers.