18th March 2021




The Conservation Foundation has been involved with elm trees for over 40 years.  As a result it has a unique network of elm experts throughout the UK and around the world.  Some are scientists working in research centres such as the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and Edinburgh and the Elm Research Centre in Surrey whilst others are enthusiasts who love elms and are recording and propagating elms wherever they can.  All are passionate about the tree which has been so much part of our landscape, heritage and folklore.

Over the years the Foundation’s elm programmes have aimed to contradict the popular view that elms have had it, rather it has encouraged new species to be developed and supported a greater awareness of elms which continue to grow in a number of locations throughout the country.  Why should this be? What is Dutch elm disease and can it be resisted? How can we learn from DED to help other types of tree facing new tree bound pandemics? How can we keep elm from being a tree of the past?  These and other question the Foundation hopes to answer in its elm Roundtables.

Now, thanks to zoom these live gatherings can bring together participants in their own homes, their offices and laboratories anywhere in the world.  Today elm research and understanding is benefitting from latest technologies.

On November 18th of this year participants in the latest live roundtable took part in Spain, Italy, Germany and around the UK.  The Foundation receives enquiries about elms almost daily and reports that there has never been so much interest – all very encouraging to those elm fans who are far from giving up on this very special tree.

Watch the latest Elms Roundtable below hosted by, our Founder and Director, David Shreeve.