Gardening Against the Odds & Green Health Research

Whilst we all know that gardening is good for us The Conservation Foundation is carrying out research into actual medical benefits. Much is already known about improved self-esteem, mood and vigour, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, increased life satisfaction and feelings of social cohesion. But what about mental and physical health like improved blood pressure and heart rate and reduced dependency on anti-depressants?


We need to find out more and are asking volunteers involved with therapeutic gardening projects  – either participants or group leaders aged 18+ to help by completing a simple questionnaire. This has been devised by a researcher currently working in London as a GP who is particularly interested in the benefits of therapeutic gardening to develop her own medical interests and to encourage greater awareness amongst her colleagues and other interested parties.


The aim is to produce quantifiable information to encourage more doctors to prescribe gardening and others to provide spaces where therapeutic gardens can be created within local communities.


If you would like to take part please click here to access the very quick and simple questionnaire to fill in.

Thank you.