Growing a Better Future


Frequently Asked Questions


Q Our project is in a village 20 miles outside one of the designated cities – can we still apply?

A Yes. Projects can be outside of the designated cities if Foresters Members are in close proximity and able to participate in the volunteer project.


Q We are a national charity but are running a local project in one of the designated cities on a very restricted budget. Can we apply for a grant?

A Yes. Any organisation can apply for a grant but must be able to demonstrate that the project is run by, benefits and actively involves local people. You must also be able to demonstrate the impact the grant will have on your ability to deliver the project.


Q We are happy to host Foresters volunteers on our project but only have a small site. Is there a minimum number we need to be able to host?

A Yes. Generally speaking, a minimum group size of 15 Foresters volunteers must be able to participate, though if creative thinking allows you to accommodate 2 shifts of 8 people, for example, please provide that context within your application.


Q How many volunteer open days do we need to organise?

A We require a one day activity of two to four hours duration.


Q We are planning a community gardening project but will not be starting until August as we have to finalise access to the land. Can we still apply?

A Yes. Grants can be approved during the grant timelines, and the activity must be completed by Sunday, October 30th with a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice for the event date.   


Q I’m a landowner and am looking to re wild areas of land to encourage bees and other pollinators, can I apply for the Bee friendly grant?

A No. Projects must be on public land so the community has access.


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