April 9th 2021


HRH Prince Philip


So many comments were made at the death of HRH Prince Philip saying that ‘he was into conservation long before it became fashionable’.  Well, the same could be said about The Conservation Foundation which is proud to have had the Prince involved in several of our projects.



HRH Prince Philip planting and elm tree at Windsor Castle in 1980

Our link goes back to an elm tree he planted at Windsor Castle in 1980 which still grows strong now as a memorial to him. The Prince wrote for our Conservation Annuals and was in Kathmandu when, as President of the Alliance for Religion and Conservation he presented us with an award for the Millennium Yew Campaign.


Prince Philip meets David Shreeve

Prince Philip presenting David Shreeve with an award in Kathmandu for the Conservation Foundation’s Millennium Yew Campaign in 2001


The Prince presented our Ford Conservation Awards at London Zoo in 1999 and gave a trophy for the winner of the Foundation’s Big Bird Race, which he presented on one of his many visits to the RGS, where we’re based. Thanks to his friendship with the Foundation’s co-founder David Bellamy, Prince Philip hosted the first David Bellamy Lecture at Buckingham Palace to celebrate David’s 80th birthday.

The Foundation is proud to have been a small part of the life of a very special person.

David Shreeve.