London Plane Tree Conference

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Conference speakers from left: Ana Perez-Sierra, Chris Baines, Matt Brown, Paul Wood, Barbara Milne, Greg Packman, David Shreeve

On Wednesday 10th July, The Conservation Foundation welcomed around 80 delegates to the first London Plane Tree Conference at City Hall. Open to anyone with an interest in trees, the half-day meeting was attended by tree experts and conservationists from a variety of backgrounds including tree officers from local councils, leading tree and conservation charities, arboricultural consultants and landscape architects. The event demonstrated the importance of planting the London Plane in urban areas and outlined what action is needed to protect the species from the threats of climate change, disease, drought and redevelopment.
“Even though Plane trees are found throughout the world they are known as London planes. It’s great for London to be spearheading this vital campaign and taking responsibility for what is an international challenge. We’re delighted that the Mayor’s office is supporting us in this important work and hope that this event will lead on to a programme of international networking and concern which could prove so important for landscapes of cities around the world”. David Shreeve, Director, The Conservation Foundation
Speakers included Professor Chris Baines environmentalist and campaigner, Paul Wood author of ‘London’s Street Trees’ and the recently published ‘London is a Forest’, Dr Ana Perez-Sierra, Head of Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service, at Forest Research, Greg Packman, incoming Senior Tree Inspector of Islington Council and Barbara Milne, City of Westminster and London Tree Officers Association. Unfortunately, Professor CY Jim, Department of Social Sciences at University of Hong Kong, was unable to attend due to recent events in Hong Kong. The event was chaired by Matt Brown, Editor at Large of
“Plane trees make up some of the world’s most iconic landscapes – Pall Mall and Parliament Square in London, the Circus in Bath, the Champs Elysees in Paris, the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin and many more. All these trees are mature, seriously at risk and need to be better understood.  Their skilful long-term management is vital”. Professor Chris Baines, environmentalist and campaigner


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Paul Wood
Ana Perez-Sierra
Greg Packman
Barbara Milne
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