Growing a Better Future

New Environmental Community Awards partnership launched May 2022


Communities in Bristol, Chelmsford and Birmingham can apply for a Growing a Better Future Award to help their local environment flourish. There are three categories:
River Litter clean up
‘Pick Me Up’ Community Clean-ups – in parks, riverbanks, roadsides, or any spot in the community that would be improved by a big clean-up.
‘Bee the Change’ Pollinator Project – planting much-needed habitat that bees and other important pollinating insects need for food, shelter, and nurseries.
‘Grow it Forward’ Community Garden Projects – for those without access to their own gardens to enjoy the thrill of eating home grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
Bee pollinating
The Conservation Foundation is working with Foresters Financial, a financial service provider with a difference, to support with funds and volunteer-power community projects that will make a difference.

£2,000 will go to each winning ‘Bee the Change’ and ‘Grow it Forward’ project to help buy materials and supplies for the projects.
£1,000 will go to the winning ‘Pick Me Up’ project to help buy materials and supplies for the projects.
conservation foundation repotting elms elm experiment
If you live in Chelmsford, Bristol, or Birmingham and have a project in the pipeline to organise a clean-up, create a habitat for bees and pollinators or create a community garden, we’d love to hear from you.
Is  your project eligible?
In order to be considered for a Growing a Better Future award, your project needs to meet the following criteria listed below:
Community Gardening
1. You must be willing to host a minimum group size of 15 Foresters members to volunteer their time on your project for a one-day 2-4 hour period.
2. You must be able to demonstrate that there is a genuine need for your project, either for the environment or your community, and explain how community members will be involved in making the project happen and ensuring its long term success.
3. You must be able to show how receiving the grant would impact your ability to complete your project, as well as how not receiving a grant would affect the feasibility of your project or what aspects of your overall project might not move forward without funding.
Lets love our community
Applications for 2022 are now closed.
Any questions? Take a look at our FAQ page or email