A cross sector partnership focused on supporting Nigeria’s ‘green recovery’ following the strain from COVID-19   

Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer with around 80% of its economy accounted for by the oil & gas industry. Should Nigeria follow a business as usual pathway, emissions are expected to reach around 900m tonnes of CO2e each year.  

Our project will support Nigeria to achieve ambitions in line with nationally determined contributions pledged during the Paris Agreement, while promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. To help Nigeria build back better, we are focused on nature-based solutions and low carbon growth to improve local communities’s wellbeing and economic resilience.

The project is built on three pillars of activities:


To put a globally-important landscape on a more sustainable footing

To support the local economy’s transition to sustainable, low carbon development

To increase resilience of local communities including strengthening and diversifying livelihood options

To increase carbon sequestration and reduce global warming and climate change

To build the capacity of government regulating land-use change and industrial pollution and implement forest protection and climate change policies

To improve the enabling environment for foreign direct investment