Bringing green spaces to closed environments 

The Unlocking Nature project is an initiative to ‘green’ prisons and hospitals.

Launched at Wandsworth Prison Unlocking Nature is an ambitious project to ‘green’ closed environments such as prisons, hospitals and schools to improve the quality of life for the people who live, work, study or receive treatment there.
With help from several of the Foundation’s Associates, including leading garden designer Adolfo Harrison, a new atmosphere has been created in parts of the Wandsworth Prison improving life inside for both men and staff.
New green spaces transform the view from prison cells that has changed little in the prison’s 166-year history, helping to reduce symptoms of poor mental health and stress, as well as violent aggression and antisocial behaviour. Bee hives benefit the plants in the new gardens and produce honey which is proving popular with everyone. Download Coventry University’s evaluation of Unlocking Nature.
wandsworth prison gardening building
“Unlocking Nature has undoubtedly contributed to an improvement in the environment for staff and men at Wandsworth, and I sincerely thank everyone involved for this. You will leave a legacy which will be maintained and appreciated in years to come”.
Jeanne Bryant, Governor, HMP Wandsworth
What’s next?
The Foundation is keen to use the experience it and its Associates have gained from this project involving design, motivation, training and involvement, bee-keeping etc. It would welcome the opportunity to create similar projects for other prisons, hospitals, schools and other institutions to improve both environmental and wellbeing qualities for such establishments. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this with us.
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