January 30th 2024

Morus Londinium


Morus Londinium, The Conservation Foundation’s successful and popular mulberry project now has an Advisory Group which hope to extend its programme beyond London and the Southeast.   Members include:

Peter Coles, (Project co-founder and coordinator)

David Alderman, Hon Director, Tree Register of the British Isles

Mark Lane, former Royal Household Gardens Manager and founder of the National Mulberry Collection

Susan Whitfield, Professor in Silk Road Studies at the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISJAC)

David Shreeve MBE, Director of the Conservation Foundation


The group has a number aims which include making the project’s website more active and user-friendly, extending the project to East Anglia, updating records of James I trees around the country, and carrying out more research on what could be a unique collection of veteran mulberries found recently in a private orchard close to the River Thames.

One of the tasks for group members is to find a suitable site for the Europa Nostra Award plaque presented to the Foundation recording the value that Morus Londinium has achieved in promoting Europe’s environmental heritage.