The country’s only garden tool recycling project

Equipping the next generation of gardeners, teaching prisoners new skills and reducing waste

Working in association with HM Prisons and funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, Tools Shed repairs your broken or unwanted garden hand-tools and gives them free to local school children and community volunteers to help create and maintain green spaces. The tools are refurbished in prison workshops, providing training for prisoners and supporting them in finding occupation post-release.
How does Tools Shed work?
Tools are collected in partnership with garden centres, recycling centres and environmental hubs. They are transported to one of five prisons where prisoners are taught the woodwork and metalwork skills they need to repair them. They are then given away free to local school and community groups to support them with a wide range of projects.
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Where can I donate garden tools?
Tools can be donated at any of the collection points below. We can only accept gardening hand tools such as spades, forks and hoes – no power tools or workshop tools please.
Collection points are found in London, Surrey, Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Edinburgh.
NB Due to government restrictions and continued closure of our prison workshops, we have temporarily suspended tool collections at all our sites. We hope to resume collections as soon as possible! In the meantime, we will keep you updated with any news.  
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How do schools & groups receive refurbished tools?
Tools are available free to schools and community groups in the areas surrounding the prisons and collection points with which we work. They are given away on giveaway days held in the regions we work, so please keep in mind you may have to wait several months to receive tools.
Our tool giveaways are affected by COVID19 but please register and we will contact you when restrictions are lifted.
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In what regions does Tools Shed work?
Tools Shed works in five partnership prisons around the UK. As we run Giveaway Days local to a partnership prison please have a look at our map to see if this is accessible to you so you can collect your tools. If you are too far away get in touch as we occasionally hold Giveaway Days a little further afield.
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