Unlocking Nature Educational Workshops


The Conservation Foundation is delighted to announce a new series of workshops in partnership with Bloom, an educational CIC.

The Unlocking Nature Educational Workshops help schools to bring nature into their curriculum at Key stage 2 and 3 in accessible and creative ways with the aim of cultivating a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring a sustained effort to care for our planet.

The need for more education

Research shows that coming into contact with nature on an everyday basis at an early age can contribute to enhancing environmental awareness and action as an adult. Kids who love nature and play outdoors are more likely to protect the environment’ says researcher Dr.Catherine Broom of University of British Columbia.

‘The uneven urban geographies of nature currently mean that this experience and connection to nature is not available to all communities. It deprives them not only of the direct benefits of nature, but of ways to form new knowledge and relationships to nature for the future,says Professor Harriet Bulkeley, Durham University.

As a recent article in The Guardian reported ‘Improving childrens access to nature starts with addressing inequality. Barriers to outside play particularly affect children from low income and BAME households. 

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The Partnership

We supported a number of Bloom workshops for London schools last year,says Toby Meadows chair of the Foundations trustees and this year our Unlocking Nature programme will increase the funding to do more.

Welcoming the increased support, Jane MacRae from Bloom explains, Our Unlocking Nature Educational Workshops involve young pupils in schools in some of Londons most deprived environments. Facilitating greater engagement with nature enriches their lives and enhances wellbeing.

Our involvement

Co-Founder and Director of The Conservation Foundation David Shreeve MBE says, ‘The overarching aims of the Foundation are to Inspire, Enable and Celebrate and so it is great to be supporting Blooms work to encourage young people to develop and increase their first-hand knowledge of the wonders of nature.’

‘We hope the ‘Unlocking Nature Educational Workshops’ will help to widen participation across other Conservation Foundation initiatives including the Young Conservation Leaders Awards scheme and eventually research grants to help sustain positive conservation of our environment.’

To Date

The Conservation Foundations ran 12 test workshops to over 300 students in 2023 with great success and feel confident in the partnership with Bloom and the impact on the students. Additionally, Bloom has run nearly a hundred workshops with other partners.


“This workshop was one of the best things I have ever done.” Year 8 pupil

“I loved just listening to the birdsong and the wind and the sound of the leaves shaking in the breeze. I enjoyed this workshop and felt very peaceful.” Year 7 pupil

You could really see a transformation in pupils – giving them time and space to connect to the natural world brought about a wonderful sense of freedom. Their enquiring minds were given a new lease of life!’  KS3 English teacher.


Further information

To find out more about the content or to book a workshop please email info@bloomeducation.co.uk 

For companies, grant funding bodies, donors and friends of The Conservation Foundation who would like to find out how you can get involved and support the project please email davidshreeve@conservationfoundation.co.uk or alternatively click n the link below.