November 28th 2022
Tools Shed


The restrictions Covid brought were particularly severe in prisons causing major restrictions on inmates, staff and visitors.  Workshops were closed and Tools Shed activities came to an end.  As a result we also had to close down the supply chain which collected tools at a number of sites around the country.

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The project’s three year lottery  grant also came to an end during this time.  However, there is good news from Edinburgh and Hatfield prisons where workshops have reopened and tools are being refurbished and some have been distributed.

The Foundation has been delighted to work with the prison service over the many years of the project, but now it is looking to add other organisations who have workshops as part of their social enterprises working with ex-offenders, homeless,  and others for whom refurbishing tools provides an opportunity to gain work experience and community involvement.

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David Shreeve with Barbra Bell

One such organisation is NOAH Enterprise a charity in Luton which seeks to help the most disadvantaged in their local community by providing a practical, empowering and caring service to people who are often homeless , marginalised and socially excluded and have fallen into poverty.

Our Director, David, meeting some of the Noah team.

Noah provides food, clothing, medical and dental care, outreach support and specific advice on accessing accommodation. It runs training courses which can lead to employable skills whilst recognising and respecting the fundamental dignity and worth of every individual.

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Our hope is that we can raise sufficient support so that groups like Noah can become involved in Tools Shed to provide the tools that more and more schools and community groups need as we all come out of those Covid restrictions and start Unlocking Nature again.


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