19th February 2024

Walthamstow Elms


The Conservation Foundation’s Heritage Trees initiative supports awareness and practical action involving Elms, Ancient Yews, Mulberries and London Planes.  Our Director David Shreeve joined Mark Lane, Chair of Elms4London at the project’s first 2024 planting at St Mary’s churchyard in Walthamstow village, East London on Saturday 17th February. The planting of 10 elm trees was organised by Walthamstow in Bloom. Elms4London provides additional impetus and support to the further re-planting of elms across London with the use of disease resistant clones.

Our picture shows David and Mark with Helen Lerner and David Christmas of Walthamstow in Bloom and Emma Langston and Brian Taber from CBRE, sponsors of the elm trees.

Young helpers on hand will ensure that the trees are monitored over future generations!

Our fantastic young helper, Ada, helping to make sure the new trees get the nourishment they need. Earthworms help the active fungi and bacteria in the soil which can help release nutrients from organic material. This in turn can help plant growth.