Proof that gardening can overcome the Odds

The Gardening Against The Odds Awards (GATO), celebrate how gardening can help overcome mental and physical odds of all kinds and create beauty and provide well-being to others. They are dedicated to the much loved gardening writer Elspeth Thompson and named after her blog, launched shortly before she died in March 2009.

No garden is too small to bring help and combat depression or physical disability. Sometimes the odds can be environmental – bring colour and hope to the most unlikely place touched by “random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. Watch a video of one of the Gardening Against The Odds awards events at Syon House and read about some of the previous award winners.   
The Conservation Foundation is gathering a number of its projects under the Gardening Against the Odds brand which all share a common concern for ‘caring’.  Projects like Green Health, Tools Shed and Unlocking Nature all share a link with wellbeing, both practical and spiritual and the Foundation would welcome more.
Gardening Against The Odds was part of Green Health Live 2 at Lambeth Palace on 5 June 2019..



This is an area of growth and therefore there are many opportunities for existing projects and new ones.  Often only small amounts of funding are needed to create valuable projects and donations from individuals, trusts, foundations and commercial organisations are welcomed.  Support can be anonymous or credited and the Foundation is always pleased to discuss new ideas from potential benefactors.


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